These women have mastered the skill of creating fashion and are the backbone of Pixan Productions working together to share the spirit of fashion to everyone around the world

Demecia Chiché, 25 years old. With AMA since 2012.

A few years ago Demencia discovered her passion that would change her life completely. Out of curiosity she attended AMA’s women's circle meetings with her mother in her hometown of Llanos de Pinal, Valle de Palajunoj. At that time, she had no income of her own and there were very few job opportunities available for her. All while facing discrimination because her Mayan identity, she decided to take upon a new opportunity to change her life for the better. She took interest on learning how to sew professionally and joined a group of designers in the Pixan brand. Dedication and hard work, led her to become a mastered seamstress. Now an expert, she is able to sew high quality bags and clothes for fashion designers around the world. With her love and dedication, she supports women empowerment through the items she created in her hands.

Elvia Chiché, 20 years old. With AMA since 2014.

Before she was apart of AMA she worked in a warehouse where she was exploited, and like her sister; she too faced discrimination because of her Mayan identity.  At that time her sister Demecia had already joined Pixan productions through AMA. It was during Demencia's first pregnancy with her son, that Elvia decided to help her with Pixan productions and took the interest in being apart of AMA. She started working with them and began by assisting the ladies in the workshop and keeping the workshop clean. While working, watching everyone create on a sewing machine caught her eye and Elvia became amazed about the endless possibilities you can create with a sewing machine. With that in mind she established her goal of becoming an expert seamstress. One day she finished her work early and made the space to learn to use a sewing machine for the first time. While it was difficult at times to learn her perseverance led her to become an expert seamstress. Three years later, her pro skills and ability to manage has now made her to become the manager of Pixan's workshop. Now with a stable income, she is able to provide for her family and keep the goal to continue her studies. 


Margarita Guzmán, 29 years old. WITH AMA SINCE 2012.

Margarita is one of the many gifted artisans apart of Pixan. Before AMA was in her life she had been working in an unfairly staffed cafeteria where she was often discriminated because of her Mayan identity. However one day she decided to attend an AMA’s women’s circle meeting in her hometown of Llanos de Pinal, Valle de Palajunoj, where she found out about PIXAN initiative. It would forever change her life and she found her passion. With her hard work and dedication led her to become a skilled seamstress and continue her work, all while providing for her family on her own.


Veronica Istacuy 21 years old. WITH AMA SINCE 2012.


Veronica is one of the brightest spirits to be around. However, her story a few years ago wasn't exactly bright. She found herself struggling with no income of her own and had the responsibility of helping her mother sell vegetables at a local market. Around that time she first learned how to use a sewing machine, it became a skill she learned to love and wanted to learn to be a professional seamstress. She attended one of AMA’s women’s circle meetings her hometown of Llanos de Pinal, Valle de Palajunoj, where she found out about PIXAN initiative. 5 years later, her dedication and hard work, let her to become a skilled seamstress. Now she is an expert, available to sew any project she has in mind. 

With the income she has earned, she pays her studies. Last year, she took a class to learn how to make aprons for the ladies in her community. Now, she also has a small business of her own making beautiful aprons for her community. 

Remember, every item you buy from her, helps Veronica to continue her dream while providing for her family and her new business.