We connect people across cultures in beneficial relationships for the betterment of our world.

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AlterNatives is more than a business. It is a community of change makers creating the world we wish to experience. We are all riding on a wave of expansion triggered by the Big Bang. Each and every one of us has a sacred trust to channel the energies of the cosmos into pleasing and beneficial forms.

We believe the market can be a source of life and happiness.  For centuries, markets have united people in exchange networks that sustain life.  We are creating an economy that meets the needs of people and is ecologically, culturally and spiritually sustaining.

We are Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working together in a multi-cultural partnership to create new models of exchanges based on the values of our grandmothers.  We are united behind the vision of Guadalupe Ramirez, a humble change agent probably lifting boxes or cleaning the back room as you read this. Leading by example, she has labored to bring justice to her people and bring beauty to the world.  


AlterNatives is a sister organization of the Association of Highland Women. AMA organizes women into mutual support circles and provides accompaniment to assist members solve problems and access opportunity.

AlterNatives is a non-profit business trust established by the Highland Support Project in 1993 for the purpose of developing markets for weavings of Highland Maya women widowed by political violence in Guatemala.